After Your Surgery

Once you are in stable condition, you will be discharged. It is normal to experience sleepiness and dizziness for 12 to 24 hours after surgery.

Post Care:  You will be discharged once our medical staff has determined you are safe for discharge. Discharge instructions will be reviewed with you and a family member or friend. You will receive a written copy of the instructions and prescriptions your doctor has provided you. Everyone is discharged to their car via wheelchair with a responsible adult to drive you home. If you received anesthesia, you are required to have someone stay with you for first 24 hrs. You Should Not Be Alone. Keep activities to a minimum and allow for periods of rest.

A member of the staff will call the day after the procedure, however if you should have any concerns or problems, do not hesitate to call your doctor..

Transportation: DO NOT PLAN TO DRIVE yourself home or use public transportation after your procedure. A friend or relative or dedicated caregiver MUST stay with you for 24 hours.